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Bugger on the spot.

So I was going through thinspo as I would do everyday.

Then I asked myself: If I want to be skinny this bad and is envious of all these figures in front of my screen… Why do I despise the skinny girls that I know from school?

I’m sure we all do.

I assume it’s because we want to know that we’re the skinniest girls we know.

That others look up to us for thinspiration.

That others look at us with envy.

Well, I know we will be.


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In a sense it’s the whole thing of existentialism, innit?

We perceive reality as we see fit, as we want it to.

But no. Just because you think and will it, it doesn’t mean that’s the truth.

One moment you think he loves you, you think he trusts you, you think he will always be there for you. But as you take a sharp gasp of a breath, you know he would have just as easily given you up. Like you were only a piece of card on a deck.

Makes you feel like you don’t belong.

And you can’t move on from then.

It’s just absurd. I might as well learn to be content by taking an existentialistic outlook and let reality leave me alone.

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50 kg, 110lbs


I quit loving sweets and junk foods.

I quit stuffing my insides because my heart or brain is empty.

I quit lying around with my sweatpants undone so that I don’t feel my muffin top.

I quit slacking on my workouts because I’m way too “tired” or “lazy.”


I’ll read a book when I think of food.

I’ll brush my teeth when I’m hungry.

I’ll gulp down a cup of water when my stomach grumbles.

I’ll eat veggies over rice or bread.

I know it will be worth it.

43kg? I’ll take it on.

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Facebook is to keep up to date with all the people you hold dear and true,
Or otherwise the ones you’d like to make miserable.
Twitter is for glimpses of the figures that you regard high,
Or to tell the world what you’re doing as of any given moment.
Tumblr is the place where our fandoms unfold,
Or where our confessions take place, in company of all the other in the world that feel the same.

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